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How I help


Short and long-term projects connect your brand with content within a marketing framework-- to generate leads and growth. I advise, strategize, set up processes, and do the work, too.

Reveal your story or refresh it. Marketing activities are based on consistent messages that describe who you are, what you offer, and why you are best. That means figuring out buzzwords and messages that resonate with your target customers:

  • Brand workshop with your staff

  • Buyer persona development

  • Communication Map (company and product descriptions, tonality)

  • Brand campaign (across channels) 


What are you up against? How do you look to the world digitally? Which experts need to know about you? Understanding this information strengthens approaches for your marketing strategy:

  • Market research (competitive landscape, positioning, mapping)

  • Customer and prospect interviews

  • Digital assessment (website and social media experience/traffic )

  • Influencer landscape and industry thought leader identification

To establish credibility, we need to highlight your expertise in a way that compels your targets to sit up and take notice. That's why we create thought leadership within a suite of material that both educates and discusses your offer. To maintain interest: 

  • Audit of current material

  • Content Plan (editorial calendar of themes and topics plus outline of materials needed)

  • Material development

Multiple products and targets? Complex B2B2C offer? Long sales cycles with many decision makers?  Let's explain the value of each offer and to which target in structured use cases. In alignment with your salesforce, I help with:

  • Pitch decks

  • Sales education

  • Product guides

  • Proposals

  • Demo review

Gaining leads can be organic (someone downloads from a landing page) or more targeted (a specific someone at a select company downloads.) With quality material to capture interest, set processes to capture and follow  opportunities:

  • Landing pages for material downloads and webinars

  • Marketing automation for registrations (email responses)

  • Email campaign architecture

  • Digital ads and management


With a marketing strategy pinpointing what needs to be said-and how, it's time to spread those messages. What I write across channels is consistent and search engine optimized to earn visits by the right people. I translate from Swedish to English, too. Think:

  • Website copy

  • Social media posts

  • Blog articles and newsletters

  • Press releases and articles

  • Email campaigns (letter chain)

  • Advertisements (print, digital)


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