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Global Professional, Global Approach

I'm a New Yorker in Stockholm. I've been in Stockholm eight years and love this city! I'm fluent in Swedish and have become a dual citizen. With my global outlook, I'm passionate about helping companies grow internationally.

I can help your business grow in a variety of ways through both small and large projects. From copywriting for your blogs, newsletters, and website to assessing your company's digital presence, website traffic, and messaging. I can set up your marketing function, develop an integrated marketing plan, and lead your marketing team.


Energizing stakeholders for better sales-marketing alignment is a given.


Regardless of the task, my approach is based on bringing out the best in your brand and crafting consistent messages that resonate with target audiences both internal and external. With skill and energy, I position your company for thought leadership, credibility, and relevance so that together we optimize your results. (And yes, I can execute digitally, as well.)


15+ years of international experience in marketing leadership positions in the US and Sweden, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. In a wide range of industries, including tech. I arrived in Sweden in 2012, studied Swedish intensively, earned an additional diploma in social media communications (in Swedish), and even started an organization to help educated foreigners enter the labor market.

I am innovative, entrepreneurial, and creative- yet structured. With a marketing MBA from a top US business school, a collection of certificates from Hubspot, Google, and LinkedIn plus a deep understanding of search engine optimization (SEO), I am as educated as I am experienced.

In short, I am truly passionate about what I do! And I want to help.

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Samara H. Johansson

Strategic Marketing and Communications