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Strategic marketing that connects
brand + content
to generate leads.

Short + long-term projects

I help companies grow globally by creating integrated marketing strategies with messages that resonate.
- Samara H. Johansson

I'm a performance-driven, experienced marketing strategist and communicator who began my career as a market researcher. I deliver creativity and innovation based on data and business goals. And I'm hands-on. So, whether you want to impress investors, attract talent, or beat competitors, I can help your company grow.

Together, we'll tell your story with compelling messages and activities that turn your target audience into loyal (and repeat) customers. My favorite assignment? Setting a global attack plan in motion. Hello growth!



How to stand out from competitors?

Compelling messages focus on your uniqueness and personality to engage prospects and customers.

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Are you a thought leader?

Digital assets and a comms plan to establish your credibility. Watch awareness and engagement rise.

Candy from the Jar

Lead Generation


How do you reach your targets?

Sales enablement that includes account based marketing, content downloads, digital ads-- and more.


Generate Leads. Grow Your Company.

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Get the results you want by explaining why your company and products are special. Content marketing activities focus on consistent messaging that differentiates and provides value.


Offering an array of marketing services  to convince your  audience why your product is a must.

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I'll help make your offer known in your industry and loved by your target audiences via integrated marketing strategies and tactics. With focus on your branding plus consistent messages in the right places, we'll establish credibility, thought leadership, and relevance. Watch awareness, interest, and demand rise!


-Samara H. Johansson

Awareness. Interest. Demand.

Become known for what you do best with messages that establish your credibility and communication that's authentic. All within a strategic framework and following an omnichannel marketing plan.

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